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Job Centered Learning DVD New!
by Bob Gliner
Publisher:Bob Gliner Productions
Number of pages:60 minutes pages
Date published:2017
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Job Centered Learning will air on PBS World stations through much of the nation on Thursday, Oct. 12, at 6 PM ET. Interested viewers should check local listings in their area as times might vary slightly. To find a PBS station carrying PBS World in a particular city or part of the country, go to and select Station Finder. On the East Coast (6 PM, ET) Job Centered Learning will be broadcast throughout all of New England (including WGBH World in Boston), throughout most of New York (including WLIW in NYC), throughout most of Virginia, Georgia, Florida (including Miami, Jacksonville, Orlando and Tampa) and in Detroit, Michigan, Pittsburg, PA,, Cleveland and Dayton, Ohio, and Indianapolis, IN. In the Midwest, the program will be broadcast at 5 PM throughout Arkansas, Alabama, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota and much of Tennessee, Minnesota, and Illinois. In addition, it will be broadcast in Houston, New Orleans, St. Louis, and Milwaukee. It will also air late night in Chicago on WTTW, in San Antonio, TX, in Austin, TX on Oct. 15 at 1 PM and again in Chicago on Oct. 22 at 11 PM on WYCC. In the West, it will air at 4 PM in Utah, Montana, and Wyoming and at 3 PM in Los Angeles, Sacramento, and other parts of California, and 6 PM in Phoenix. It will also air late night in all of Idaho, North Dakota and Spokane, WA. Many economists, business owners, and labor leaders have raised an alarm about a rising skills gap in the United States between the jobs that are available and those with the skills needed to fill them. Job Centered Learning, which recently aired on PBS stations across the country, takes a critical look at the wide range of career technical education options some high schools across the U.S. are offering, engaging their students in life changing classroom experiences. This new one hour documentary has the potential to add to the national debate around both the vitality of our economy as well as the role schools can play in shaping how a new generation of students can find more meaningful educational experiences, fulfilling livelihoods and worthwhile careers. Job Centered Learning is an ideal tool for schools to use in outreach and recruitment to students, parents, and teachers, partnerships with other schools and industry, fund raising, curriculum development and to influence local, state and national policy. A three minute trailer of the film is available on YouTube. Job Centered Learning is produced by award winning filmmaker Bob Gliner. For more about Bob's work his website is:

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