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Eyes Wide Open 2017 Reduced
by Isaac Lidsky
Publisher:Tarcher Perigee
Number of pages:305 pages
Date published:2017
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In Isaac Lidsky’s new book, he explains the powerful insight that inspired him to achieve his most ambitious dreams despite losing his sight to a blinding disease. When Lidsky learned that he was going blind at age 13, eventually losing his sight entirely by the time he was 25, he thought blindness would mean an end to his hopes for the future. Paradoxically, losing his sight gave him the vision to take responsibility for his reality and thrive. Among other achievements, Lidsky graduated from Harvard College at age 19, served as a Supreme Court law clerk, fathered four children, and turned a failing construction subcontractor into a highly profitable business. Eyes Wide Open is not about sight or blindness, it’s about vision. Lidsky shows us how to confront paralyzing fears, challenge our own faulty leaps of logic, silence our inner critic, harness our strength, and live with open hearts and minds. In sharing his hard-won insights, Lidsky shows us how we too can confront life’s trials with initiative, humor, and race—and an empowering, new vision. Purchase your copy now and get it signed following Lidsky’s opening general session on Dec. 7 2017 at ACTE’s CareerTech VISION in Nashville. Non returnable.

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